Alien Kaput

Alien Kaput

Alien Kaput:
3D Concept
This was part of a self learning class I took with Kris Costa. The characters are zbrush sculpts (My first sculpted characters).
UV’s and mesh tweaks done in 3DSMax. Painting was done in Mari and my first attempt comping using Nuke.

Close-Up Alien

Alien Head

Close-Up Girl


Glade House – Architectural Rendering

Glade House - Architectural Rendering

Exterior rendering arch-viz project, worked on as a personal project. From the outset I wanted to create an overcast image of a house with a wooded setting, only a part of the sky is photo based.
It hasn’t changed much from the image in my mind, which is always my goal.
Thanks for looking, comments and questions are welcome. Come back soon for more dimensional illustrations.

Mining Truck Model WIP

Concept Mining Truck Model WIP, this model will form a part of a larger illustration. Built in 3DSMax and textures painted from scratch in Photoshop.

Mining the Moon

Mining the Moon

Mining the Moon is a concept dimensional illustration, originally created at 2550 x 3300px. The loader truck is a design I created based from non highway heavy equipment with modification for off world mining. Of course in reality the cost of getting a payload this large to the moon would inhibit the costs of anything you’d take out of the ground. As always though it is pleasing to me to go from a picture in mind to having it down. If you want help developing a concept for your business or publication illustration, then please don’t hesitate to email or call

Life After Obsolescence

Life After Obsolescence

Life after obsolescence (LAO):
Personal Project January 2014

Set in a dystopian future where bots roam the earth “Robot” is holding a dusty old typewriter. In type it reads “Life After Obsolescence”.
LAO started life as an image in my minds eye that wouldn’t fade away as many other’s do. From the start I wanted an innocence in the character with some puzzlement. I’ve wondered to myself if “Robot” is thinking anything; what are the thoughts? what is being processed? It is my hope that I’ve created as memorable an image as it is in my mind and if you are left pondering what happens to things after they are useful, then it is a success.

There is one photo used in the scene for the clouds, everything else is made in 3d with 3dsmax, rendered with vray and color corrected using photoshop. Except for about 2 or 3, all textures were created by hand in photoshop. Original render size 3300h 2550w.