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Alien Kaput

Alien Kaput

Alien Kaput:
3D Concept
This began as part of a class I took with Kris Costa, initially just the girl, later I decided on interaction with the Alien. The characters are zbrush sculpts. UV’s and mesh tweaks done in 3DSMax. Painting was done in Mari and comping with Nuke.

Close-Up Alien

Alien Head

Close-Up Girl


Alternative 3DSMax installation Guide

Know the problem, solution is about half way down the page here. (Setup Initializing, ring any bells)
(Install alternative for Win64, 3DSMax 2017)
About the problem:

As a subscriber or a maintenance customer of 3dsMax you can upgrade to version 2017.
Within your account you will see a screen like below:

If you choose “Install” (Intuitive right?)
Next you would see:



All being well it’ll install, However all not being well. For some users you’ll get what looks like an install screen, it will say “Setup Initializing”.


It can then error without telling you and will sit there hanging but look like it is doing something. (Very annoying, how do you know if this is happening?)

You could check the install log RUN %TEMP% Autodesk…..blah log file and in there you’d likely find an error entry.
Lets say you don’t magically know to do that, what is next.

You need the browser download option, but it doesn’t say that anywhere? Hmm
The trick here is to select the option for all languages, actually it says:
“French, English, German, Japanese…
Then by magic “Browser Download” will appear:


Make sure you then are downloading 2 files:
Check they are the right size, roughly 1GB, and 2GB

Download the 2 files and extract, should promt the location C:\Autodesk

Once extracted you can restart the computer, otherwise you may get the message that another install is in progress. Or find that process and end it before continuing.

Look in here:

Right click on “Setup.exe” run as administrator

This time you should only see Setup Initializing window for a few seconds.
Then you will get:

From here you install as you wish, you get a progress bar, it shouldn’t take much more than about 20 minutes to complete the install.

Enjoy your new Max!

Glade House – Architectural Rendering

Glade House - Architectural Rendering

Exterior rendering arch-viz project, worked on as a personal project. From the outset I wanted to create an overcast image of a house with a wooded setting, only a part of the sky is photo based.
It hasn’t changed much from the image in my mind, which is always my goal.
Thanks for looking, comments and questions are welcome. Come back soon for more dimensional illustrations.